Massage Services on the Gold Coast

With massages starting from $80 per hour… Why not let a fully qualified Massage therapist come to your rescue?

swedish-massage Swedish Massage

If you have never had a massage before then this is a good one to start off with. Swedish Massage is the most popular relaxation massage technique.

Relax and lose every care in the world with a Kahuna massage! Kahuna (Hawaiian) Massage

The Kahuna Massage style is a very flowing massage, incorporating stretching and mobilizing of the muscles as well as traditional massage techniques. Unlike the other massages where you are required to wear underpants, you are completely naked with a folded hand towel covering your private areas.

remedial-massage Remedial Massage

If you are suffering muscle stiffness and restriction of movement or pain generally in your body, remedial massage is quite possibly the massage you are seeking.

nst-bowen-massage NST (Bowen) Massage

The Neurostructural technique is based on Tom Bowens findings, hence the alternative name of “Bowen Massage”. NST massage is more about triggering the body’s responses for self correction than a standard massage technique.

sports-massage Sports Massage

Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance before an event, as well as aiding recovery after an event or during training. Sports massage emphasises prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons.

Deep tissue massage removes pain and restores movement Deep Tissue Massage

If you’re seeking relief from muscle stiffness, restricted movement or other types of body pain, a deep tissue massage session may be just the thing to ease the aches and tightness.

corporate-massage-chair Corporate Massage

Reward your staff for the hard work they put in for you while increasing their energy and enthusiasm in the office! Its a win win!