Kahuna (Hawaiian) Massage

Gold Coast Massage Rate: $115 per hour

The Kahuna Massage style is a very flowing massage, incorporating stretching and mobilizing of the muscles as well as traditional massage techniques. Unlike the other massages where you are required to wear underpants, you are completely naked with a folded hand towel covering your private areas.

What Kahuna Massage Does

The Kahuna massage is largely a relaxation and stretching massage that focuses on the relaxation of your entire body. Kahuna massage is also fantastic for relieving general and emotional stress.

Kahuna Massage Technique

You lie on your tummy on an oiled massage table and a sarong is placed over you. A hand towel is then placed in position to cover your buttocks. Slowly and gently, a sarong is dragged over your body over and head, then re-applied back over the body.  The sarong is then folded from the lower back and placed in between your legs exposing your gluteus (buttocks).  Using long strokes that start at an angle across your back, moving over the shoulder and end at your hand, your entire body is relieved of tension and stress.  Additionally, using an under body technique, this blissful massage will have you so relaxed you will not have a care in the world.

When the back sequence is complete the hand towel is removed and the sarong is turned and lifted in the middle to create a tent to give you privacy for you to roll onto your back. Ladies have a choice of having their breasts covered with a sarong as the front sequence involves strokes around the breast and between the breast (but not the breast themselves).  If you are not comftable with this – that is no problem – that part of the massage can be left out!

The sarong is then placed long ways over the body and the hand towel is placed in position covering your genetalia.  Finally the sarong is then dragged gently over the body and head, only to be replaced replaced and folded in between the legs again to finish off the kahuna Massage sequence.