Swedish Massage

Gold Coast Massage Rate: $80 per hour

If you have never had a massage before then this is a good one to start off with. Swedish Massage is the most popular relaxation massage technique.

What Swedish Massage Does

A Swedish massage is a whole body massage from the top of the head to the tips of your toes. It increases blood flow, decreases stress, improves quality of sleep and helps with depression by helping the body release serotonin (the natural feel good chemical). Swedish massage also improves circulation while relieving anxiety, arthritis and headaches.

Swedish Massage Technique

During the massage, there are two towels placed on the massage table for you to lie on. Wearing only your underpants you are covered by a large towel – this isn’t only for privacy it is to help wipe off as much oil as possible after and during the massage. The swedish massage commences with you face down and your body sectioned off with towels so that only one part of your body is exposed at a time.

Using oil, I smooth out all the tension in the muscles, using a variety of soothing strokes, starting with your back and shoulders. I undrape the towel from your back apply massage oil, using a varieties of strokes to find out how much pressure you like, as each client is different. When I finish the back and shoulders I replace the towel over your back and shoulders and remove as much oil as possible.

From there, its on to your legs with the same process. Soothing strokes and tension release. After that, the legs are wiped down and re-covered before moving on to your feet, with the same process again – uncover, soothing massage, wipe down and re-cover with the towel.

Once your legs are finished, I work on your arms and hands.

At this stage, the towel is held up as a privacy screen for you to roll over on to your back, then I replace the towel over you and complete the front of the body sequence starting with one leg then the other you have the option to have your tummy, gluteus, chest, feet, head and face massaged. Lastly, I massage your arms and hands and finish off with your neck head and face.