Remedial Massage

Gold Coast Massage Rate: $85 per hour

If you are suffering muscle stiffness and restriction of movement or pain generally in your body, remedial massage is quite possibly the massage you are seeking.

What Remedial Massage Does

Quite often, pain is caused by an underlying dysfunction which is causing pain and referred pain. Remedial massage corrects the underlying dysfunction to relieve the pain.

Remedial Massage Technique

Firstly, a posteral assessment is performed to assist with diagnosis and correction of dysfunction. This permits me to understand your whole body structure and posture to make the remedial massage more effective.

Unlike other massage techniques, remedial massage doesn’t have a fixed formula or style – it is all dependent on the issues and pain experienced by you. Generally speaking, remedial massage targets the area where the pain is coming from. For example, if the pain is in your neck, I won’t be massaging your legs!

Remedial massage employs numerous techniques such as trigger point detection and release, deep tissue manipulation, myafacial release, mobilization, stretching and resistance work to relive pain. It can alleviate dysfunctions in the muscles and joints.

Sometimes, remedial massage requires quite an amount of movement throughout the massage and this may involve getting up to re-positioning you on the table, using the muscles to target certain muscle groups. Every person, their pain and their body response is unique, so not every treatment is the same.

Remedial massage is not a “quick fix” for all pain – it depends on a lot of factors how long you have had the pain, how your muscles respond to the massage and what happened to cause the pain in the first place. All these factors go into how quickly you get back to life without pain.

If you have private health cover, you can claim this massage treatment with your health fund provider.